Bathtub splash guard

Swivel-mounted and mobile splash guard for bathtub with shower device

Bathtub Splash guard

Due to structural conditions, separating bath tubs with shower devices to prevent water from splashing out is not always possible without problems. Conventional solutions such as shower walls and shower curtains do not always work as desired because they do not create a fully-fledged shower cubicle.

The new type of bathtub splash guard ensures that the bathtub rim is completely covered, thus preventing splashing water from spreading throughout the entire bathroom.

Short description of the invention

The innovative mobile partition is swivelled from a bracket on the wall into a working position on the edge of the bathtub and placed in a sealing position. Moving the partition from the resting position to the working position and vice versa is done by a cable pull and without much effort.


space-saving room solution

The area between the wet room and the dry area is only separated when necessary and the required space is not constricted and reduced when not in use.


.One-piece, sturdy partition not compromised by unnecessary hinges and vulnerable folding or sliding mechanisms.

Secure Mounting

Secure attachment to both the wall and the bathtub - thanks to robust spacers, there are no free-standing elements that could cause accidents.


Unhindered air circulation in the room is always ensured, the drying process of the partition takes place away from the bathtub (good rear ventilation, no danger of mould formation).

Area of application

Whenever a bathtub is to be used as a shower and a solid and stable solution is desired despite confined space, the partition offers maximum functionality, variability and safety.

The invention offers a swivelling and mobile solution for the ideal splash guard for bathtub with shower device.

The bathtub splash guard is attached to the opposite wall in a space-saving way and pulled to the bathtub without much effort by means of a cable pull when it is used there. Two flexible wing walls allow 3 sides of the bathtub to be completely sealed off during showering.

The innovation also simplifies conversions to barrier-free bathrooms. Bathrooms can be made age-appropriate without having to re-install the shower wall.


Property rights

Type of protection: GER Utility model
Title: „Partition wall for a wet room area“
Registration number: DE 20 2019 005 363 U1
Date of registration:24.04.2019.
Main claim:Device (10) for moving a partition wall (11) for temporarily separating a wet cell region (13) of a wet cell (15) from a dry region (12) surrounded by the latter, the partition wall (11) being movable for this purpose from a rest position into a working position, characterized in that the partition wall (11) is assigned at least one pivot receptacle (31) which is connected rotatably in the installed position to at least one spacer (18, 18a), 18a) in the installation position, wherein the partition wall (11), guided by the spacer (18, 18a) in the pivot holder (31), can be moved in the installation position vertically from the rest position into the working position and vice versa in a semi-circular pivoting movement, so that the lower edge of the partition wall (11) can be placed in the working position in a sealing manner with respect to a surface edge boundary (14) of the wet cell (15) (...).



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